October 2018

More space for HANSA-FLEX Belgrade

The HANSA-FLEX branch in Belgrade has moved as part of its steady expansion. After doubling sales in the last five years, the demand for capacities has also increased. At the beginning of 2017, for example, a second branch was opened in the southwest of the Serbian capital as the first expansion measure. 


Now the space in the Serbian headquarters was no longer sufficient. Our colleagues have therefore been in Zemun, in the north of Belgrade, since 1 October. In addition to 150 m² of office space, 250 m² of workshop and storage space, an additional 300 m² of open space is available here. In the future, this will be used both for cylinder repair and aggregate construction. Drivers can look forward to the move twice over: HANSA-FLEX Belgrade finally has enough parking spaces. Here you will find the new location of the regional headquarters. 


We wish our colleagues a successful start at the new location!