June 2019

An all-round view behind the HANSA-FLEX scenes

Have you ever wondered what everyday working life at HANSA-FLEX looks like?


We are aware that not only hydraulics & co. are complex topics. We also know that it is not self-explanatory what our colleagues at HANSA-FLEX do for important and exciting tasks in the various professional fields. Especially prospective trainees often have no idea what lies behind the general job titles or why they should apply for a job at HANSA-FLEX.


We want to change that!


That is why we have accompanied eight of our colleagues in their work or in their training. Thanks to the innovative 360° video technology, you can now take a look in all directions and discover HANSA-FLEX and a handful of its (training) professions and services from a new perspective. An overview of all videos can be found here and on our YouTube channel.


Our tip: To take full advantage of the impressive 360° technology, it is best to use your smartphone or tablet in combination with a VR cardboard or VR glasses. It feels like you're right in the middle of it instead of just being there. But you can also enjoy an all-round view of the HANSA-FLEX world on your PC. Simply click through the video with your mouse. If possible, also activate the highest resolution (4K) so that you don't miss a single detail.