June 2020

Did you know ...

... that we also offer our fast service in Chile, Egypt and Jordan? Our Hydraulic Service Containers can be used wherever construction sites are difficult to reach and immediate delivery of spare parts is required. Discover more exciting facts about our mobile workshops for large construction sites and tunnels.

60 square meters

of floor space is available in the largest 40-foot double units. Cooling systems, air conditioning and heating, enable safe and comfortable working, even under the most extreme conditions.

13.000 Kilometers

was the longest journey taken by a service container from Germany. By the time it reached its destination in San José de Maipo, Chile, the 20-foot container had been travelling for about seven weeks.


from HANSA-FLEX are currently in use by our customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Used in locations that are difficult to access, they are mobile hydraulic workshops which ensure a prompt supply of spare parts.

41 Degrees Celsius

registered during the summer months in Marsa Alam, Egypt, this is the highest outside temperature that a hydraulic service point in operation anywhere has to withstand.

1.800 items

make up the initial equipment for the service container with the largest stock of hydraulic articles. It is located in the Attarat region, near Ghudran in Jordan.

-28 degrees Celsius

is as cold as it gets during the winter months in Chromtau in northwest Kazakhstan. This is where the perhaps coldest HANSA-FLEX AG hydraulic service container is positioned.

"Although we provide a lot of hardware, the service is what really makes it special"

... says Christian Falkner, Service Manager of the Hydraulic Service Containers. "It is unique and virtually limitless, as it includes the entire planning, equipping, stocking and delivery of the containers, on-site training of maintenance personnel and extended technical support during operation – and can be supplemented by a refill service, a 24-hour emergency service and various other services".