Mission Statement

The HANSA-FLEX Mission Statement

Together with the Code of Conduct, the HANSA-FLEX mission statement defines the orientation framework for the daily activities of all employees worldwide. At the same time, it illustrates our economic and social responsibility as a company.


Values and principles were developed in workshops, forums and project groups in which all colleagues from across the organisation could participate. Through annual mission statement campaigns, which highlight one aspect of the mission statement, and the continuous work of our mission statement group, we are always reminded of its contents. Ultimately, the mission statement is brought to life by the fact that every employee communicates the values and principles and demands that we act in accordance with them.


  • We treat each other with appreciation and respect.
  • We act in a cooperative manner and support each other.
  • We communicate with one another openly and honestly.
  • We make sure that we and others are always well-informed.
  • We are part of a larger whole.


  • We deliver quality and expect the same from our business partners.
  • We encourage our staff to work on their own initiative.
  • We question things critically and respect the opinions of others.
  • We are aware of our responsibilities towards colleagues and business partners and live up to these responsibilities.


    • We keep our promises.
    • We trust our colleagues and business partners.
    • We represent security.

    Environmental awareness

    • We conserve natural resources.
    • We avoid risks to the environment and to health.
    • We promote energy efficiency in hydraulics with regard to our customers, products and services.
    • We ensure that our processes are sustainable.


    • We develop innovative products and services.
    • We continuously expand our professional expertise.
    • We encourage and challenge our workforce.
    • We support our business partners with consultancy and training.
    • We all work together to ensure the success of HANSA-FLEX.


    • We respond to the individual requirements of our business partners.
    • We offer our colleagues flexible opportunities to work throughout the Group.
    • We identify changes at an early stage and respond immediately.

    The HANSA-FLEX Code of Conduct

    As a company we are highly aware of our role in society and our responsibilities towards our business partners and our employees. We are therefore committed to clear guiding principles which form the framework both for our business operations and our relationships with society as a whole. We call on our business partners to apply similar business principles.


    In accordance with our corporate responsibilities we are committed to the following basic principles:

    • We are a multinational company. For this reason the observance of the laws and regulations of all countries in which we operate has the highest priority for us. In situations where there are no applicable statutory regulations the values of our mission statement and this code of conduct will form the basis for our actions.
    • We regard the avoidance of risks to humans and to the environment and the promotion of alternatives as an essential component of responsible business practices. Everyone shares responsibility for ensuring safety in his or her working environment. All employees are made aware of this and receive regular instruction on health and safety in the workplace.
    • We recognise the value of environmentally-aware operations not just as a corporate duty but also as an essential pre-requirement for conserving natural resources in the long term.
    • We treat both our business partners and our employees with respect and dignity. We support and respect the protection of internationally valid human rights both within our company and when dealing with our business partners. We do not tolerate forced labour or child labour.
    • We do not discriminate against anyone. We provide equal treatment to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, nationality, political conviction, social or ethnic origin or other personal characteristics.
    • We tolerate no corruption or provision of advantages in any shape or form. In connection with our business operations no personal benefits, gifts or invitations may be requested, accepted, offered or granted. Exceptions to this only apply to the usual business give-aways and gifts which are in line with the customs and forms of courtesy within a specific country.
    • We maintain political neutrality in our business operations and do not support any party political activities.

    WE are HANSA-FLEX!