Metal hoses

Highly durable, also under most extreme conditions.

In the special segment of the metal hoses products of HANSA-FLEX represent an optimum at quality and reliability.

Today, HANSA-FLEX metal hoses belong to the central elements of many innovative technologies. Chemical engineering, aeronautics, power supply, shipbuilding or medical technology: They are applied by completely different industrial sectors to transport solid, liquid or gaseous media, also under extreme conditions.

Withstanding high pressures is not necessarily the objective here. Rather, their special performance strength lies in the resistivity against aggressive media and an exceptional temperature tolerance. The metal hoses of the leading company for fluid technology in Europe work at - 200 °C as reliable as at + 550 °C. Scalding hot oil leaves as little marks as acids or alkaline solutions. This resistance provides the decisive certainty for many special processes.


Metal hoses play an important part in medical procedures as well: In computer tomography, for instance, they are used in the cooling circuit of the rotating x-ray head.

Safety for man and environment

HANSA-FLEX metal hoses convince permanently by uncompromising reliability, regardless whether series production or spare part. The quality management specifies the binding guidelines: Each hose line is a single-piece production, subject to an inspection by specialists prior to delivery and documentation. A testing laboratory performs comprehensive trials in regard to leak tightness, purity, integrity of weld seams and bursting properties of hose lines. This means more safety for man and environment – a decisive factor, since metal hoses or often applied in sensitive and problematic production areas.

Economic solutions from the beginning

In addition to product quality there are advis-ory skills. To come up with an optimal hose sol-ution even for very demanding applications, the 
HANSA-FLEX specialists can be included in the finding process at an early stage. The sooner the metal hose experts are involved in the development, the better. Thus, hose connections can directly be integrated in the plans of the overall project, ensuring perfect coordination of all components. This is the best way to unlock considerable potentials to lower costs.

HANSA-FLEX Metallschläuche – Qualität am laufenden Meter

  • parallel corrugated
  • seamless and longitudinal seam welded
  • single-walled, double-walled
  • temperature resistant from - 200 °C to + 550 °C
  • resistant against aggressive media
  • single-piece productions
  • quality inspection and documentation
  • advice in all project phases
  • employee training
  • certification according to relevant standards
  • certified according DIN 6700 - 2, PED, GL, etc.

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