Changeover My.HANSA-FLEX

Information about the Changeover of My.HANSA-FLEX

Our customer portal My.HANSA-FLEX will be converted to a new version with improved

user guidance and extended functions on 29 March 2021.In the course of this, the

integrated hose management software will also be replaced by the new, much more

powerful X-CODE Manager. 


On this website we have summarised the most important information about this changeover

and the new X-CODE Manager for you.

All the news at a glance

Get a quick overview of the changes

Changeover on March, 29th 2021


On March, 29th 2021, My.HANSA-FLEX will be converted to a new version and will be accessible from that date via the URL www.my.hansa-flex.com. As a registered user, you will receive an e-mail from us on March, 29th welcoming you to the new portal. 


As soon as you have reset your password, you can familiarise yourself with the new and improved user environment and continue to work on the administration of your hose lines as usual.

100% Data transfer

Alle Ihre bisher eingepflegten Daten werden 1-zu-1 übernommen. 

More functions

You can add a mobile app version, a testing module and much more.

No costs

You can continue to use My.HANSA-FLEX free of charge with two users.

Get "Smart"

You will automatically be transferred to the free "Smart" licence.

All changes briefly explained

The important facts about the changeover in short detail

100% Data transfer


All information you have entered up to now is transferred 1-to-1, nothing is lost.


You can, of course, continue to use your data in the new X-CODEManager software as usual. With the extended functions, the existing data can be enriched. 

More functions


From March, 29th there will be two additional charged licence packages with new functions. 


The "Flexible" package contains an app with offline use and the possibility to create folders. The "Expert" package includes a module for testing according to BetrSichV and DGUV and rights management. Read more here. 

No costs


My.HANSA-FLEX remains free of charge in the basic "Smart" licence for two users. 


If your company currently has more than two users registered, your responsible customer advisor will discuss the options for expanding or reducing the number of users with you.

Get "Smart"


With the changeover, you will automatically be transferred to the free "Smart" licence. 


The "Smart" licence is the free basic version of the X-CODE Manager for two users. It essentially corresponds to the scope of services of the hose manager software you previously used in the My.HANSA-FLEX

Do you have questions? 

Contact our customer service by email at my@hansa-flex.de or by phone at +49 421 48907 766.
We are there for you from 8am to 5pm Monday to Thursday and from 8am to 4pm on Fridays.

The X-CODE Manager is your new hose management software


The new My.HANSA-FLEX includes the X-CODE Manager, a new integrated hose management software with a more modern user interface and many additional and improved functionalities.


The X-CODE Manager has extended search and filter options, a clear machine and system management, a powerful inspection module in accordance with BetrSichV and DGUV, extended role and rights management and a mobile version for smartphones and tablets.


To use some of these new functions, you can book the fee-based licences "Flexible" and "Expert" as Software-as-a-Service from 29 March. Detailed information about the licences, functionalities and prices for the X-CODE Manager can be found here.

Hoe does the user interface change in the new portal?


With the technical conversion and the expansion of the content of My.HANSA-FLEX, we have also modernised

the design of the user interface. Find out here about the most important changes in the use of

My.HANSA-FLEX and the new hose management software X-CODE Manager. We will introduce you to the

main new elements so that you can immediately continue to work as comfortably as you were

used to before the changeover.


If you have any questions please contact our customer support, 

we are happy to help you: +49 421 48907 766 or per e-mail at myhansa-flexde

The clearly arranged homepage 

Your control centre for predictive maintenance

The X-CODE Cockpit gives you a quick overview of your hose lines, machines and planned maintenance dates. From here, you can access the essential modules of the software with just one click. Select the areas X-CODEs, Machines or Services or use direct links to perform frequently required actions or to immediately access selected information.

The X-CODE overview

Find all information faster and better


The new X-CODE overview features intuitive filters, practical sorting functions and a well-designed search function to help you find all the information and views of your hose assemblies you need quickly and easily. Six columns are displayed, which you can conveniently and easily adapt to your needs.

The table also displays a mini profile for each X-CODE, so you can always get a quick initial overview of your X-CODE without having to open the detail page.

The machine overview

You determine the best structure yourself


We have changed the machines section from a list view to a tile view so that you can see the current maintenance status of your machines at a glance.

By creating folders, you can now also structure your machinery individually: Organise your machines according to locations, buildings or other freely selectable criteria and subdivide each machine into almost any number of components. Assign the X-CODEs to the machines in the desired level of detail to optimise your maintenance planning. 

(Folders are available from licence package "Flexible")

FAQ - Quick answers to frequently asked questions

Why is My.HANSA-FLEX being converted?

Why is My.HANSA-FLEX being converted?


With My.HANSA-FLEX and the integrated hose manager tool, we have been offering our customers a free and convenient digital tool for managing their hydraulic hose lines for many years. The portal and the software are used intensively by many maintenance staff.


With increasing numbers of users and growing data volumes, the original technical solution has become less and less able to meet the high demands. In addition, many customers have asked us for functional extensions for their maintenance, which we could not realise with the existing system.


We therefore decided to redesign our portal from scratch and completely rebuild our hose manager on the basis of an SAP platform. We developed the extended functionalities in close cooperation with a group of selected maintenance staff from large German mechanical engineering companies. 

The result is a development from practice for practice, a future-proof expandable platform that is faster, safer and more user-friendly than ever before.

What do I have to do when the My.HANSA-FLEX is switched on March, 29th?

What do I have to do when the My.HANSA-FLEX is switched on March, 29th?


If you would like to continue using My.HANSA-FLEX with two users as before, you do not need to do anything. We will automatically transfer you to the free "Smart" licence and you can continue to use the portal as usual. When you log in to the new software environment for the first time, you only need to set a new password for security reasons.


If you would like to add more users and/or use the new additional functionalities of the X-CODE Manager such as folders, app version, check module and user administration, contact your customer advisor to purchase one of the chargeable licence packages "Flexible" or "Expert". You can find more information about the licence packages here.

What happens to my data?

What happens to my data?

Your previously entered data is transferred 1-to-1 to the new software in the new portal, no data is lost. We guarantee data sovereignty and security: you can export your X-CODE data to other applications at any time and as often as you want. Your data is stored exclusively on European servers. We guarantee that third parties will not have access to your data.

What will the conversion cost me?

What will the conversion cost me?

The changeover is not associated with any costs or obligations for you. You will automatically be transferred to the free "Smart" licence and can use our software with two users free of charge as before. Further functionalities such as mobile use or test module and user administration can be added for a fee.

What do I have to do if my company has registered more than two users?

What do I have to do if my company has registered more than two users?


With the changeover to the new My.HANSA-FLEX, free use under the "Smart" licence will be limited to two users per company. If your company registered more than two users with My.HANSA-FLEX before the changeover, your responsible customer advisor will contact you to discuss the options for expanding or reducing the number of users.


If you have any questions, please contact our support team in Bremen: +49 421 48907 766 or send an e-mail to my@hansa-flex.com. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.


The restriction on the number of users will come into effect on 30.4.2021 after a four-week transition period. Until then, you can use the new My.HANSA-FLEX free of charge with more than two users and familiarise yourself with the new environment during this time. At the end of the transition period, we will deactivate all surplus user accounts in all "Smart" licences on 30.4.2021.

Which license suits my needs the best?

Which license suits my needs the best?


If you were satisfied with the previous range of functions of the hose manager in My.HANSA-FLEX, the free "Smart" basic licence will probably be sufficient for you in the future. 


If you would also like to use the hose management software as a mobile app on smartphones and tablets to work directly on the machine, you should select the "Flexible" licence package. This allows you to use the software offline without access to the internet and to create folders to manage your machines or locations. We offer the licence package "Flexible" for 5 users at a price of 49,- Euro/month.


If, in addition, you would like to assign different authorisations to the users in your organisation and carry out the statutory inspections according to BetrSichV and DGUV yourself with your own personnel, the "Expert" licence package for 10 users and 79,- Euro/month is the first choice. 


If you would like to activate more than 5 or 10 users for the software, you can purchase an unlimited number of additional packages for 10 additional users at a price of 30 euros each. You can find all information in detail under this link.

How can I book a license?

How can I book a license?

The use of My.HANSA-FLEX and the X-CODE Manager maintenance software it contains is reserved exclusively for registered customers of HANSA-FLEX AG. Please contact your HANSA-FLEX customer advisor to book a licence for X-CODE Manager. If you do not yet have a personal HANSA-FLEX customer advisor, please contact our customer service by phone: +49 421 48907 766 or by email at my@hansa-flex.com. They will be happy to help you. They will be happy to help you.

What functions does the new My.HANSA-FLEX have?

What functions does the new My.HANSA-FLEX have?


The new My.HANSA-FLEX has a modern user interface with intuitive navigation and a direct link to the HANSA-FLEX Online Shop. The portal is already designed for future expansion and will be successively extended with further useful functions over time.


Among other things, we have equipped the integrated maintenance software X-CODE Manager with an improved machine structure, a new inspection module in accordance with BetrSichV and DGUV, and comprehensive role and rights management. You can find an overview of all functionalities here.

Where can I get help if I have questions?

Where can I get help if I have questions?

Our customer support in Bremen, Germany is there for you from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday and from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fridays and can be reached at +49 421 48907 766. You are also welcome to send us an email at my@hansa-flex.com or contact your HANSA-FLEX customer advisor.

Is the a demo version in which I can have a look first? 

Is the a demo version in which I can have a look first? 


Yes, you are welcome to have a look at the software before register officially. We have set up a demo version with a test data set, with which you can extensively test the full range of functions of the X-CODEManager for four weeks. You can find the free demo version soon under demo.my.hansa-flex.com. You have to register for the demo version and receive an e-mail as soon as your registration is approved - don't worry, we do not use your data for any other purpose than giving you access to the demo.

Of course, you can also use the demo version in the smartphone app to get to know the mobile features of the X-CODE Manager. All you have to do is register in the web version and set you password first. When this is done you can login into the app with your mail address and password from the web version. The only thing you have to pay attention to, is to put a "demo_" in front of your e-mail. 


Are there any questions left unanswered? 

Please contact our customer support via e-mail at myhansa-flexde or by phone +49 421 48907 766.

We are available from Monday to Thursday from 8 am - 5 pm and on Fridays from 8 am - 4 pm.