January 2018

I spy with my little eye…

Pictures containing hidden objects are highly popular with young and old, and especially in the world of hydraulics there's lots to discover. We have therefore asked the artist Peter Knorr to create an exclusive hidden object picture for HANSA-FLEX, and you’ll find it enclosed as a poster with this issue.


Hidden in the picture are lots of little details which will surprise you again and again the more often you look at them. We hope you'll have fun exploring the colourful world of HANSA-FLEX!


About the artist:

  • The artist Peter Knorr is one of Germany's most prestigious authors of books featuring hidden object games. He has published a range of these books together with Doro Göbel. Their latest book “Die Flussfahrt” (A trip on the river) is published by Beltz & Gelberg Verlag and is available from bookshops.