3D-models for your engineering designs

In engineering, technical drawings are indispensable for the design and simulation of machines and systems. As a special service for customers and enquirers, we make available three-dimensional models for a large number of our hose and pipeline products. Here your design engineers have direct access to these three-dimensional objects and the CAD product information of our pipe fittings, adapters and hose fittings and can integrate them into their models and construction drawings.

Downloading the models is free of charge. To be granted access, all you have to do is register.


CADENAS portal

Increasing availability

We will be continuously adding new product groups and components to the available range of 3D-models. Quick access to the CAD drawings speeds up the project planning phase, which is an obvious advantage to design engineers. Furthermore, the models contain all the necessary geometric and technical data, which reduces the chance of error in all stages of the design. 

From three-dimensional models prepared by our design engineers, our suppliers can see the standard to which they must manufacture the parts. Our customers are confident they always receive the same high quality – irrespective of where the part was manufactured. Thus we achieve high process reliability and offer our customers the best price-performance ratio. All parts, no matter where they are produced, look identical and are of the same high quality. This uniformity means that the likelihood of errors when manufacturing hydraulic machines and systems is reduced dramatically. A crucial advantage for our customers.

HANSA-FLEX 3D-models

  • Comprehensive range of hydraulic connecting equipment available in CAD drawings
  • Files can be used on all common CAD systems
  • More being added all the time
  • Customers have direct access to our 3D-models
  • Simply register, download the files, and use in your designs
  • 3D datasheets provide all the important product information
  • Products manufactured to the HANSA-FLEX standard ensure consistently high quality